About Us

Made in Egypt, a leading national site in the field of general consultations and training in all fields and entrepreneurship from the legal side We are working to provide our services with the highest quality and lowest prices and we believe that the Egyptian consumer deserves more and more improvement in service and lower prices and we apply the slogan that our strength is made in Egypt.

Our Vision

Enabling all necessary products and recreational goods and services and the creation of large entities working on the ground with Egyptian capital and Egyptian technology working with Egyptian expertise and hands, like us, the founder of the Egyptian economy Talaat Harb.

Our Objectives

We aim to reach small and medium-sized enterprises and medium-sized enterprises that we are marketing and selling to be an economic edifice that is parallel to what our giant Talaat Harb created.

  • Our Services

    To publish all advertisements of Egyptian products and Egyptian services free of charge on our page and promote them in order to make the words made in Egypt on all goods and services.